Duke Realty Light Industrial Warehouse

Duke Realty Warehouse-

Project Contact

Hector Lopez, Senior Planner
(510) 620-6702

Project Description

The proposed project is a light industrial warehouse that would include associated office uses. All existing structures on the site would be demolished, although two of the three existing driveways would be preserved. The proposed use totals 144,808 square feet with first-floor office space of 4,750 square feet and an Office Mezzanine of 4,245 square feet, for a total building area of 153,803square feet. The warehouse would have 24 loading docks, located at the eastern end of the building. The floor area ratio (FAR) would be 0.44, and the building height would be 43 feet.  

Project Location

The project site is located at 731 West Cutting Boulevard in the City of Richmond. The 7.94-acre project site consists of a developed industrial site with access from two driveways along West Cutting Boulevard and one driveway along Canal Boulevard. The site is bounded to the north by Interstate 580 (I-580), with Canal Boulevard on the west and West Cutting Boulevard on the south. The eastern portion of the site is bounded by industrial development.

Project and Related Documents