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eTRAKiT Portal and Help Guides

Using eTRAKiT, the homeowner, developer and contractor may apply and pay for planning projects online, submit building permit applications electronically, submit business licenses application electronically, track the progress of their construction projects online, schedule and locate the results of inspections, and check plan review status. 

A Public User (Homeowner, Community Member) account allows for scheduling inspections, uploading/downloading PDF documents, and to pay fees.  To set up an account click on Public Account Setup to register. 

For contractors, registered design professionals or licensed trade professionals doing business within the City of Richmond, please select Contractor/Landlord/Utility from the drop-down menu at the top of the eTRAKiT portal, enter your company name.  If you are one of the above trades and not registered with the City of Richmond, please contact the appropriate department to set up your account. 

Visit the eTRAKiT Help Guides on this page for instructions if this is your first time to use the system. Frequently Asked Questions may also be found on this page. For additional information or assistance, please email for Building permits or for Planning projects.


eTRAKiT Portal


eTRAKiT Help – Instructions and FAQs

Welcome to eTRAKiT Help. Here you can find FAQs, How-To Guides offered. Additional questions may be emailed to the Permit Center or Planning Division at the contact information listed above.

Check out our Permit Forms and Handouts as well as more information on obtaining Permits.

Learn more about our Planning Fees, Forms and Checklists.



eTRAKiT How-To Guides

How-to set up public account  |  Como Crear una Cuenta en eTRAKIT

How-to set up contractors login  |  Cuentade Contratista/Propietario/Servicio Público

How-to submit a Building Permit Application | Para obtener instrucciones sobre cómo enviar una solicitud de permiso de construcción

How-to submit a Business License Application  |  Cómo enviar una solicitud de licencia comercial 

How-to submit a Planning Project Application  |  Como Enviaruna Solicitudde Proyecto de Planificación

How-to report an Issue/Concern |  Como Reportar un Problema/Preocupación

How-to transfer large files over 50MB |  Un Breve Proceso de Cómo Cargar Documentos Grandes

How-to pay fees  | Cómo Pagar Las Tarifas




eTRAKiT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Who can use eTRAKiT?

A: eTRAKiT is open to all users.  A contractor, registered design professionals or licensed trade professionals that is registered with the City of Richmond must sign in using their company name and reset their password. All other users that are not contractors (i.e. homeowners, realtors or insurance agents, etc.) are able to create a user account to create an online application or to schedule an inspection.

Q: Will eTRAKiT work in any internet browser?

A: Please use Google Chrome for submitting applications and uploading documents. For Mac/Safari Users, you can download and use Google Chrome from the App Store.

Q: I have forgotten my Public Login Username and/or Password.

A: Please refer to the Retrieve Account Information section to retrieve your username and password.

Q: I am locked out of eTRAKiT. How do I get back in?

A: If you are locked out of eTRAKiT you can wait a few minutes and try and log in again. If you are still unable to get in, please contact us with your issue.

Q: I am having trouble locating my permit number when I conduct a search.

A: Be sure to enter the permit number exactly as it appears on your permit. The number needs to be entered in the “search for” field. For example, B21-12345 or BP21-12345.

Q: I am having trouble locating my project number when I conduct a search.

A: Be sure to enter the permit number exactly as it appears on your permit. The number needs to be entered in the “search for” field. For example, PLN21-321 or PLN21-123.

Q: As a homeowner doing my own work at my home, am I required to obtain a permit?

A:  Building permits are required before you construct, erect, enlarge, alter, move, repair, improve, convert, or demolish any building or structure. The code provided exemptions to this are listed on the Work Exempt from Permits handout.



Q: My address isn't found in eTRAKiT.

 A:  Be sure to enter the address and click the search; address must appear in the drop down menu.  If the address does not appear in drop down menu, please note some address may appear shortened in our eTRAKiT system. Try entering the first few letters of the street name, or the address may not be in the City of Richmond’s jurisdiction. 


Q: Can I pay for my permit or application online using eTRAKiT?

A: Yes, you can pay by credit card (Visa, Master Card, or Discover) online.

 Q: Is there a credit card processing fee that I have to pay?

A: Yes, there is a 2% credit card processing fee.


Q: What type of building permits am I able to submit online? 

A: The following building permit applications are available through eTRAKiT: 

  • Building
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Grading
  • Underground

Q: What type of planning applications can I apply for through eTRAKiT?

A: The following planning project applications are available through eTRAKiT: 

  • Use Permit (Conditional, Administrative or Temporary Use Permit)
  • Variance
  • Design Review Permit
  • Tentative Parcel Map
  • Lot Line Adjustment
  • Certificate of Appropriateness
  • Sign Permit
  • Fence Permit
  • Zoning Verification Letter
  • ADU – Attached
  • ADU - Detached
  • Other (i.e. Zoning Administrator Permit, Tentative Tract Map)


Q: Can I request a zoning verification letter or a new address through eTRAKiT?

A: You may apply for a zoning verification letter through eTRAKiT by applying under Planning Projects. To apply for a new address please apply on eTRAKiT through the Building Division’s Permit Application.

Q: Can I request a pre-application meeting through eTRAKiT?

A: Not currently. If you have questions about an upcoming building permit submission you can contact (510) 620-6868 or If you would like a planner to consult or answer questions for an upcoming project you can reach out to (510) 620-6706 or email

Q: I do not see my Contractors Name in the drop-down menu for contractor login? 

A: You will need to register your contractor with the City. Contact the permit techs at


Q: Can I schedule building inspections online?

A: Yes, you can schedule or cancel building inspections on eTRAKiT under the "Inspections" section. Alternatively, you may follow these instructions on the Automated Phone Inspection Scheduling System to schedule or cancel an inspection. The City of Richmond has updated its permit inspection scheduling to include an Automated Phone Inspection Scheduling System. This update allows customers to schedule or cancel inspections and to retrieve inspection results via touch-tone telephone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Q: Why can't I pick a date for my inspection?

A: When you call in to schedule an inspection through the Automated Phone Inspection Scheduling System, please note that the system will automatically provide next available dates.

Q: Can I cancel an inspection from eTRAKiT?

A: Yes, you can cancel inspections through eTRAKiT or the Automated Phone Inspection Scheduling System.


Q: Can I report an issue or concern online?

A: Yes you can report an issue through eTRAKiT. Please refer to the “how-to report an issue/concern” help guide for additional information.

Q: Can my report remain anonymous if I submit through eTRAKiT?

A: Yes, you can remain anonymous when reporting an issue online by checking the “I wish to remain anonymous” button before submitting your report. All complaints received will remain strictly confidential.