Richmond Greenway Gap Study

December 19, 2022: Public Review Draft of the Study is ready! Click here to download the Study

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From December 5 to the 10, the Project Team hosted a series of events as part of Bridge Week and engaged with over 160 community members through pop-ups across various locations, such as Armistice Brewing Company, Rich City Rides Gallery, the Senior Center, and the Farmer's Market. Fehr & Peers and Donald McDonald Architects also made presentations at a workshop at the Nevin Center. The purpose of Bridge Week was to present findings, recommendations, and bridge concepts for further feedback from community members and stakeholders. Public feedback will be used to finalize recommendations included in the Study, which will be presented for adoption to the Richmond City Council on January 24, 2023.

The City of Richmond in partnership with Pogo Park, CivicWell (formerly known as Local Government Commission), Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, and Fehr & Peers, is leading the development of a plan for short and long term solutions to connect the east and west ends of the Richmond Greenway by addressing the “Gap” at 23rd Street.

The Greenway is currently divided by an active railway and arterial streets, requiring users to exit the trail and travel over a ½ mile out of direction on a circuitous route with complicated intersections, stairs and difficult crossings in order to continue their journey on the trail. This is the last remaining gap in the Greenway - a regional route connecting Marin County with the East Bay. In Richmond, the Greenway serves densely populated, marginalized neighborhoods across the core of the City.

The development of the plan is centered around an intensive outreach and community engagement effort, taking place from late 2021 until late 2022. The project will result in a detailed plan that includes next steps for the implementation of short and long-term solutions identified in the plan.

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  • October - December 2021 - Project Visioning

    • Advisory group and TAC meetings

    • Existing conditions analysis

    • Project visioning/community outreach and engagement activities

  • Early 2022 - Gathering Feedback on 1st Draft Preliminary Bridge Concepts

    • Present preliminary bridge alignment alternatives at TAC Meeting and during outreach and engagement activities for feedback

  • March/April 2022 - Gathering Feedback on 2nd Draft Bridge Concepts and Preliminary Ideas for Short-Term and other Long-Term Improvements

    • Design Charrette Community Engagement Event 

    • April 12-14 from 2pm to 6pm each day

    • Location: Harbour-8 Park (Pogo Park #2)

    • Flyer includes more details on this event!

  • Summer/Fall 2022 - Feedback on More Refined Bridge Concepts and 1st Draft of the Plan

    • Community outreach and engagement to refine initial concepts developed as a result of outreach and engagement in late 2021/early 2022 and the charrette

    • Additional advisory group

    • TAC Meeting held on October 12

  • Fall/Winter 2022 - Workshop on the Draft Plan & Finalizing the Plan

    • Community Events tentatively scheduled in December
  • March 2023 - Project Ends