100 38th Street Project

100 38th Street Project

Project Contact

Hector Lopez, Senior Planner
(510) 620-6702

Project Description

Eden Housing Incorporated is requesting approval of a Design Review permit for a new residential development that would include construction of a 5-story building and rehabilitation of the existing two-story public office building for a total of 135 residential dwelling units.The project would require a General Plan Amendment and Rezoning from PCI (Public, Cultural, and Institutional) to CM-3 (Commercial Mixed-Use), and a Conditional Use Permit for concessions and incentives under the State Density Bonus Law. 

A five-story building (Building B) is proposed of approximately 92,000 square feet and will include a total of 76 affordable residential units. The structure will be located along the eastern side of the property. As described by the project scope, the ground level will include approximately 8,500 square feet of County Office and 1,500 square feet of Micro-Enterprise Retail. It appears that YWCA will also occupy the space.


The existing building (Building A) is proposed to be renovated to include 59 new support housing units. The building is a two-story over a basement for a total floor area of approximately 67,000 square feet. 

Project Location

The subject property is a developed parcel of approximately 2.84 acres (123,710 square feet) located on Bissell Avenue, between the Richmond BART line and Macdonald Avenue in an area of mixed public, commercial, and residential uses. The existing building is a two-story public office building over a basement located along the western side of the property with surface parking located along the east side and rear of the property. The building is currently vacant, and has recently housed the West County Health Center. Adjacent to the west of the project site is the Contra Costa County Superior Courthouse and to the east is a single-story commercial building, which is presently occupied by a paper shredding business. Ryse Youth Center and its new facility currently under construction are located northeast of the project site. Target Richmond Store and an array of commercial retail businesses are located further to the east. The Richmond BART Line is located to the south, rear of the site, which is characterized by a concrete retaining wall and security fence along the rear property line. Directly north of the project site is a mix of one, two, and three story residential, office, and live-work spaces.  


The subject property is located in the PCI (Public, Cultural, and Institutional) Zoning District and the surrounding properties are primarily zoned commercial, CM-3 (Commercial Mixed-Use). 

Project and related Documents

Initial Study/Consistency Checklist Addendum to the Richmond General Plan Final EIR