Community Crisis Response Program

About the Community Crisis Response Program

The proposed Community Crisis Response Program (CCRP) intends to provide a community response that is non-law enforcement to address non-violent/non-felony mental health crises in Richmond. CCRP was modeled in part on Crisis Assistance Helping Out on The Streets (CAHOOTS), developed in Eugene, Oregon, and tailored to meet the needs of Richmond residents through a nine-month feasibility process that engaged community and government partners with relevant expertise. The city’s goal of supporting community safety and addressing community trauma through community-based alternatives aligns with the proposed model of crisis response for mental health.

CCRP Staff Report

Community Crisis Response - Staff Report for City Council July 11, 2023

Draft CCRP Report

DRAFT Urban Strategies Council  Community Crisis Response Report

CCRP Report Slide Deck

Slide Deck of Draft Community Crisis Response Report

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Founded in 1987, Urban Strategies Council is a regional catalyst for social justice focusing on: data and research, leadership development and training, collaboration, building policy innovation, and advocacy.

Urban Strategies Council is not a single-issue organization. We think and work holistically across silos, sectors, and jurisdictions. We partner with public agencies, grassroots organizing groups, and philanthropic organizations to catalyze lasting social change. In order to move the needle on persistent poverty, we need to change the systems that are currently ineffective. We focus on reforming the systems that serve low-income communities.

Timeline of Community Crisis Response Program (CCRP)

June 30, 2020
Reimagining Public Safety Task Force (RPSTF) created in June 2020 by the Richmond City Council to prepare a plan to transition from Richmond's current "community policing" model to a plan conducive to the reduced police force and return to Council with the preferred policing model​
November 12, 2020
Reimagining Public Safety Community Group presents to the Task Force and proposes creating a crisis program for community behavioral health crisis and community conflict.​
December 2020
Reimagining Public Safety Task Force December Meetings: Task Force creates four subcommittees to work on proposal recommendations for consideration by the Richmond City Council: Smart Budget and Resource Allocation; Accountability as Safety; Health and Safety; and Community-Based Solutions.​
January 21, 2021
Task Force hosts a Community Round Table meeting focused on Mental/Behavioral Health​
February/March 2021
Smart Budget & Resource Allocations and the Health & Safety subcommittees prepare community crisis response program proposal. Health & Safety provides main recommendation and Smart Budget & Resource Allocations provides budget proposal.​
April 14, 2021
Health & Safety subcommittee provides an overview on a final recommendation and budget proposal to pilot CCRP. The RPSTF approves a motion the recommendation for the CCRP to be pushed to the Richmond City Council.​
April 21, 2021
Smart Budget and Resource Allocations subcommittee proposes recommendation that reallocates $2,445,600 of the RPD budget to pilot the Community Crisis Response Program: action is approved by the Task Force.​
June 9, 2021
Task Force proposals are updated based on feedback from City staff, City Manager Snideman and Police Chief French. $1M placeholder for development of CCRP was recommended in lieu of the original $2.45M.​
June 15, 2021
Richmond City Council Meeting directs staff to incorporate proposals, including CCRP​
July 2021
$1 million FY 21-22 budget allocation for CCRP
August 25, 2021
Task Force August Meeting: Task Force approves recommendation for Council to consider additional 3-year extension of Task Force.​
December 15, 2021
Task Force hosts 2nd Community Conversations Roundtable on CCRP and other approved proposals by Council​
April 7, 2022
CCRP Roundtable Discussion​ - Cohosted by Council members McLaughlin and Jimenez​
April 15, 2022
Release of RFP to aid in CCRP feasibility study and implementation​
May 20, 2022
Close of RFP​
May 25, 2022
Task Force May Meeting: Updates on CCRP implementation presented by Deputy City Manager LaShonda White
May 26, 2022
CCRP Roundtable Discussion – Cohosted by Councilmembers McLaughlin and Jimenez​
July 26, 2022
Richmond City Council Meeting​ - Approval of Urban Strategies Council (USC) contract​ from RFP bid
January 24, 2023 or February 7, 2023
City Council will receive status update from USC
Late April/May 2023
Draft report from USC to City Council regarding CCRP implementation

January 2023 - Urban Strategies Council Work To-Date and Time to CCRP Launch

  1. Phase i
  2. phase ii
  3. phase iii

Community Needs Assessment (Ongoing - May 2023)


Complete Stakeholder Interviews Continue interviewing key staff, new elected Council members and elected offices, and other external entities
Complete Ride-Alongs

Conduct with Richmond Police, Unhoused Program Coordinators, Dispatchers, A3, etc.
Complete Focus Group Listening Sessions Develop groups; conduct listening sessions
Host Community and City-wide Meetings

Scheduled TBD
Complete Data Analysis Completed a literature and data review including HIAP, Richmond Fund for Children and Youth Community Needs Assessment and Strategic Investment Plan, and documents from the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force

Community Survey  Develop and conduct a survey; provide analysis
END DELIVERABLE: USC Report on CCRP Implementation Report to be reviewed internally by staff
Report brought to City Council for approval

Urban Strategies Contract

Attachment 4 - Urban Strategies Council Contract 7.26.22


Attachment 1 - Community Crisis Response RFP - 4.15.22 FINAL PDF

Council Staff Report 7.26.22

2022-07-26(sr)CCRP Contract Urban Strategies Council