Traffic Calming Program

Richmond Public Work’s Traffic Calming Program aims to improve neighborhood livability by mitigating the negative effects of motor traffic on residential streets and providing safer and more pleasant streets for individuals walking, biking, and driving. Traffic calming measures suited for different types of streets; most commonly, physical safety enhancements such as speed humps, speed tables, elevated crosswalks, median islands, traffic circles, lane width adjustments, and pedestrian assisted crosswalk lighting systems are used.


  1. Submit a Traffic Calming Inquiry (One of the following methods)
    1. Fill out the application located here.


    2. If you have an issue with the online form, or wish to submit your inquiry in another way you can use one of the following methods. 
      1. Visit City Hall (450 Civic Center Plaza, 2nd Floor, Richmond, CA 94804) and submit a form in person.
      2. Email ( and request a PDF form.
      3. Call the engineering department at (510) 307-8091
  2. Eligibility Evaluation and Ranking
    • Following the receipt of the inquiry, Richmond Public Works personnel will collaborate with Transportation Consultants to check eligibility, analyze traffic conditions, and rank the queries based on the fiscal year submitted.
  3. Inform Inquirer
    • Following an eligibility assessment and ranking procedure, inquirers are informed whether their query has been accepted and will proceed to have a traffic calming device programmed when funding becomes available.
  4. Engineering and Design
    • Once funding becomes available the query will be programmed. After the assessment and rating process is completed, Richmond Public Works personnel will work with the Transportation Consultants to produce prospective design solutions for the accepted block(s).
  5. Construction
    • After the project has been been approved, building may begin. The construction timeframe is influenced by a variety of factors, including funding, the number traffic calming projects for the fiscal year, weather, and the availability of Public Works / private contractor construction crews to execute the job.

For further assistance and questions, please contact Public Works at 510-307-8147.

Elm Ave & 8th St Roundabout

MacDonald Ave & 11th St (1940)

MacDonald Ave and 11th St (1940)

Disclaimer: Decision to implement traffic calming measure is based on eligibility criteria, engineering evaluation, funding, State Law, City Policy, the City Engineer’s judgement, and other factors.

Traffic Calming Inquiry

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