Information Technology

The Information Technology Department works to provide employees with state of the art technology and resources.  The use of innovative technologies available improves the City of Richmond’s customer support.

The Information Technology department provides administrative services to internal City departments.

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  3. What We're Planning
  4. Policies

Manage IT Infrastructure

IT Manages network and communications for 47 sites including 69,000 feet of City fiber

Manage Enterprise Business Systems

Including GIS as well as managing the Open Data & Performance system for City departments

Manage Hardware and Software

For the City-wide Network, VoIP phone system, 800 desktops, 275 laptops, and 450 mobile devices

IT Manages Communications

To the public through KCRT TV, print services, website, and social media


As part of the City Manager's Weekly Report, KCRT / IT presents a weekly video showcasing the beauty of Richmond, CA.  Check back each week for a new video, recorded and edited by longtime KCRT staff members Brian Bland and Christian Wimmer.