Street Maintenance

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The Streets Maintenance Division consists of three sections:
  • Pavement Maintenance
  • Traffic Signs and Lines
  • Street Sweeping

Pavement Maintenance

The Pavement Maintenance section provides high quality and cost effective maintenance of street surfaces and sub-surfaces, remove and replace deteriorated pavement surfacing, fill and/or repair potholes, pave gutters to eliminate high crown in the street and other areas that show surface and structural deficiencies.

Traffic Signs and Lines

The Traffic Signs and Lines section provides California standard installation and replacement of directional signs and street name signs as required by traffic pattern changes, installation and replacement of pavement reflectors to provide increased visibility and definition of traffic lines, paint or thermo-plastic installation or replacement of crosswalks and pavement messages on traveled portions of streets for vehicular and pedestrian traffic control.

Street Sweeping

The Street Sweeping section provides weekly mechanical street sweeping to commercial areas and some arterial streets, monthly mechanical street sweeping to residential areas and scheduled thoroughfares. Some neighborhoods have street sweeping signage and others do not. Where no signs are present, odd numbered addresses are swept on the first day and even on the second. Where signs are present, the routes are arranged most efficiently and do not follow an odd/even pattern. Most neighborhoods' time frame is 8am-11am but some start at 7am.

Street Sweeping services are not provided on holidays. Click here to see 2022 City Holidays 
You can view the Street Sweeping Schedule Map and List. Zoom in to your area to see the schedule on the map.

For street sweeping questions contact Streets Division Supervisor Carlos Castro 510-231-3083 Email