Officer Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass


Project / Program
Officer Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass

Project Manager
Chadrick Smalley

Project / Program Description

The Officer Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass project entails the construction of a roadway undercrossing in place of the existing grade crossing on Marina Bay Parkway between Regatta Boulevard and Meeker Avenue. With increased rail activity in recent years and forecasts for growth in the future, long trains are morefrequently traversing Richmond grade crossings. In theSouth Richmond Shoreline area, low maximum train speeds result in traffic blockages for 20-30 minutes at a time with no alternateaccess, as all north-south ingress and egress to this areais impacted at closely-spaced grade crossings.

The underpass atMarina Bay Parkway will reduce traffic congestion and allow emergencyvehicles to access the Marina Bay Area unimpeded. Additionally, the project would improve access to proposed Water Emergency Transit Authority (WETA) ferries and improve air quality by reducing emissions of idling vehicles

Agency staff applied for and secured an $18.975M grant from the Proposition 1B Trade Corridor Improvement Fund (TCIF). Additional funding assistance is provided by Measure J transportation sales tax and developer fees resulting from recent residential projects in the area.

A design contract was awarded to BKF Engineers to complete preliminary and final engineeringof the underpass, and design was completed in 2011. The project is anticipated to take approximately 27 months to construct.

Project Background

The California Supreme Court's decision to uphold AB 1X 26 dissolved all redevelopment agencies statewide, including the Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency. The Successor Agency to the Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency ("Successor Agency") is now only permitted to expend funds to pay for projects, loans, and other activities for which the former agency had an agreement or contract in place prior to the enactment of AB 1X 26. These preexisting commitments are called "enforceable obligations".

The Successor Agency included the Project on its Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule ("ROPS"), and the local Oversight Board created by AB 1X 26 also approved the ROPS. Per the requirements of AB 1X 26, the ROPS was forwarded to the Department of Finance ("DOF"), which has the ability to review and determine whether any items are not enforceable obligations.

Even after staff provided DOF with information showing the Project is an obligation, DOF made the determination the Project is not an enforceable obligation. The Successor Agencydisagreed andcontended that the Project is in fact an enforceable obligation created by the TCIF Baseline Agreement with Caltrans, which states the former agency is required to complete the funding plan and implement the Project.

From May 2012 until September 2012, Successor Agency staff worked with community members and the offices of Assemblymember Nancy Skinner and Senator Loni Hancock to urge DOF to reconsider their denial of the project. On September 17, 2012 the DOF issued a letter reversing their position, specifically recognizing the Underpass project as an obligation of the former Agency. In September 2012, the California Transportation Commission ("CTC") approved a $4.23m grant for the Project from the Highway-Rail Crossing Safety Account ("HRCSA"). Combined, these two actions restored the funding plan for the Project and allow the Successor Agency to re-advertise the Project for bids.

The CTC will allocate (i.e., an action that provides access to the funding) the HRCSA grant at its March 2013 meeting. This allocation must take place prior to contract award.

The Successor Agency anticipates advertising the Project for bids beginning February 6, 2013, with contract award in late April 2013.

Additional Project Information

Project Factsheet
Presentation to Marina Bay Neighborhood Council April14, 2010
Presentation to Marina Bay Neighborhood Council August 11, 2010

Town Hall MeetingAugust 23, 2010

Fact Sheet August 23, 2010
Presentation to Richmond Design Review Board November 10, 2010
Final Design Presentation to Marina Bay Neighborhood Council January 12, 2011
Fact Sheet January 12, 2011

Fact Sheet April 2011
Presentation April 2011
Fact Sheet April 2012
Presentation April 2012

Advisory Ballot - Preferred Design Option

On Thursday, August 23, 2010, advisory ballots were mailed to residents, businesses and property owners in the South Richmond shoreline area to gauge the neighborhood's preferred design and implementation option for the project.

Option A included minimum aesthetic upgrades for replacement landscaping and 36 months of construction duration, with Marina Bay Parkway open to traffic for the duration of construction.

Option B included enhanced aesthetic upgrades for replacement landscaping and 20 months of construction duration with Marina Bay Parkway closed to traffic.

The result of the advisory ballot indicate a preference for Option B. Additional detail on the advisory ballot results is available through the link below.

Advisory Ballot summary Memorandum