Chief's Message

It is a distinct honor for me to serve the City of Richmond as your new police chief. In a time where a negative perception of law enforcement blankets the country at the click of mouse, it is even more important to my department to recommit to our mission of service to our community.

The mission of the Richmond Police Department is to prevent crime and maintain order in a manner that promotes public trust and confidence, and a sense of safety and security. My role in realizing this mission is to serve as a leader that exemplifies the moral principles and professional excellence I swore to uphold when I joined the force more than 23 years ago.

It is equally important that my department protects the residents of Richmond in a way that reflects courtesy, civility, and respect. For the Richmond Police Department, preserving the rights and freedoms of all residents is not merely a lofty concept that sounds good in media soundbites, it is an organizational mandate. For this reason, I am committed to leading by example and to holding my staff, and myself, accountable to a standard of selfless service to our community.

I thank you for allowing me to assume the responsibility of leading the great men and women who make up the Richmond Police Department. It is a privilege in which I take great pride, and I look forward to many more years of service to the City of Richmond, my team, and most importantly the people who make this city great. I know with unwavering certainty that together we can achieve the tenets of our mission – to protect and serve Richmond in excellence.