325 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Bermudez, Toni Office Assistant II 510-620-5514  
Bonet, Deborah Librarian II 510-620-6521  
Caldera, Tamra Librarian I 510-620-6637  
Carter-Owens, Lisa Executive Assistant II 510-620-6555  
Chappell, Nia Library Assistant I 510-620-6965  
Cisneros, Linda Library Assistant II 510-620-5490  
Clark, Leah Administrative Services Analyst 510-621-1557  
Cox, Angela Librarian II 510-620-5516  
Dickinson, Sheila Librarian II 510-620-5562  
Dominguez, Jose Library Assistant II 510-620-5496  
Eaton, Christopher Librarian I 510-620-6845  
Eppler, Kate Deputy Director of Community Services - Library 510-620-5452  
Gotimer, Jr., Daniel Librarian I 510-620-6558  
Hulse, Brian Library Assistant I 510-620-6715  
La Croix, Evelyn Library Assistant I 510-620-6846  
Larsen, Christopher Administrative Librarian 510-620-5524  
Leong, Leo Library Information Systems Support Technician 510-620-5498  
Maru, Sadhana Library Assistant II 510-620-5523  
Moll, Wolfgang Library Associate 510-620-5547  
Ortiz, Catherine Librarian II 510-620-5515  
Parker, Jay Library Assistant I 510-620-6716  
Ramos, Meishi (they/them) Head of Reference 510-620-6872  
Ryken, Rosanne Library Assistant II 510-620-5494  
Shipp, Gabriel Librarian I 510-620-5493  
Walker, Stacey Senior Library Assistant 510-620-6964  
White, Susan Librarian II 510-620-6590