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  1. City of Richmond Request for Proposals (RFP)
  3. Post Opens: August 9, 2021
  4. Post Closes: October 1, 2021

    The City of Richmond, California adopted a 1.5 percent for art ordinance (RMC No. 14.17 N.S.) in 1997, followed by a one percent for Art for Private Developer policy in 2017 (RMC 12.62). As part of the Richmond Arts and Culture Commission (RACC), the City of Richmond Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC), City of Richmond, CA is committed to supporting public art and community‐based programming to support creative expression, spark dialogue, and reinforce a sense of community. Following unprecedented job loss due to the COVID19, the Public Art Advisory Committee has created a fund which will provide small grants to artists living and/or with a working art studio in Richmond. This work‐relief fund has earmarked a total of $50,000 to be awarded to multiple artists who live and/or work in Richmond.

    The PAAC is seeking Richmond artists to apply for funds to create a new exterior work of art to be displayed in a Richmond public place for at least 6 months.  The “COVID-19 Relief Mini-Grants for Richmond Artists” award will provide stipends of up to $7,000 per project for artists to create encouraging and uplifting public art and messages to be placed on display throughout the City.  


    Typical available grant stipends range from $5,000‐$7,000 per artist.

    Project Type 1: We are looking for innovative artists to think “out‐of‐the‐box” to propose and create new artwork for outdoor public places.

    Artists retain ownership of their work unless the nature of the work prevents it or they choose to donate it to the City. The City is not responsible for the works of art while they are on display. Artworks are requested to be displayed for a minimum for six months. Physical artwork must be appropriate for the city’s weather conditions.

    Potential locations can include publicly facing private property, approved city property & accessible public areas. If private property is used, then the owner must submit a letter stating their willingness to support this project.

    Project Type 2: Add a layer of art on city-owned infrastructure: 1) Banners on light posts around City Hall; and 2) Graphic Designed posters on the Big Belly public right-of-way trash and recycling receptacles to celebrate the environment.

    The City of Richmond reserves the right not to select any project for a mini-grant award.


    We accept proposals for sculpture, murals, installations, projection, and other media as appropriate for public outdoor display. Please note that any exhibited work will be unattended and accessible at all times. The city will not provide insurance against damage or theft of the art.


    Eligible: Any artist living in and with an art studio in Richmond, CA is eligible — individuals, groups, and organizations alike. Richmond residents and Richmond-based arts organizations may apply as individuals, as a team with partners, or as a non-profit arts organization.  Proof of residence must be submitted with the proposal. If selected, a Richmond Business License will also be required. 

    Ineligible: "For-profit" (corporate entities) do not qualify for these Mini-Grants. Current or past Richmond Art Commissioners (RACC), Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) members. (Eligible if there has been a two-year span since serving on either RACC or PAAC.) If you are an employee of the City of Richmond, and/or a relative of a Commissioner or any appointed official, you may not apply for this grant, as this relationship represents a conflict of interest.


    Applicants will submit a written application, including a description of their proposal, if possible, a sketch of the design concept, project budget, along with a resume of qualifications and experience. The Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) will review all applications and identify a shortlist of qualified candidates who will be invited to present a more detailed proposal via ZOOM.

  10. Use the links below to learn more about the SELECTION PROCESS and DEADLINES, and to access the GRANT APPLICATION. 

    COVID-19 Relief Mini-Grant (RFP)

    Grant Application


    Questions may be directed to: or (510) 620-6952

    For more information on the history of the Richmond Arts and Culture Commissions and the Public Art program, please go to:

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