Employee of the Month Nomination Form

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The Finance Department has the Outstanding Employee of the Month Award to honor those employees who perform their duties at an outstanding level of service. The award was established in an attempt to recognize the efforts of those employees who perform with a superior level of commitment, partnership, accountability, positive attitude, and ability to embrace change. After six months of employment at the City all full-time and part-time employees are eligible to be nominated.


Always (5):
Consistently demonstrates this skill in an effective manner.

Often (4):
Skill level in this area is often employed.

Usually (3):
Commonly and regularly exhibits this skill.

Sometimes (2):
Occasionally exhibits this skill.

Never (1):
At no time in the past has this employee demonstrated this skill.

Based on the scale below, please rate nominee where applicable. If statement does not apply please select N/A for your answer.


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