Recreation Branding Contest

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The Winner Will:
- Be recognized at a City of Richmond City Council Meeting
- Have a plaque placed in the main Recreation office with their artwork and name
- Be presented with their artwork in the Richmond Recreation Activity Guide
- Be presented on the City of Richmond website with their artwork.
- Have a solid reference with the City of Richmond.

Guidelines for Entry Submission
- Participants will develop an image that reinforces and represents The City of Richmond Recreation Department's motto: "Richmond Recreation, Rich In People, Rich In Play."
- Within the image "Richmond Recreation, Rich In People, Rich In Play" must be visible
The image can be created in black and white or color
- The image will be used to "brand" the City of Richmond Recreation Department and will be used on literature, t-shirts, banners, posters, and other marketing material
- All submissions must be in JPEG format (1 mb maximum or 1024x768 or smaller)
- All submissions must be uploaded and submitted through the City of Richmond website

Things to keep in Mind:
- This will be the customer's first impression of the Recreation Department
- Understanding the history and audience of the City of Richmond
- Recreation is fun, enriching, and entertaining!

Privacy Option:

Release of All rights to Submitted Images:

By sending us your image or other artwork, you agree to the following:
All image and other artwork submitted for this contest shall become the property of the City of Richmond Recreation Department for its sole and exclusive use. All parties submitting images or other artwork for this contest acknowledge and agree to relinquish all rights, control and ownership of all submitted images and other artwork and may not replicate or reproduce their images or other artwork without the written consent of the City of Richmond in its sole and absolute discretion.
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