Permit Records and/or Plan Retrieval Information

Procedures for Requesting Permit Records and/or Plan Retrievals

    Submit a Public Records Request Form to the City Clerk's office in-person, by mail, fax to (510) 620-6542 or via email to Requests for documents will be accommodated with consideration to workload priorities and available staff. Pursuant to the Public Records Act, within 10 days after you have requested public records, the City must respond to your request by stating whether the records you have requested are public records subject to disclosure and, if so, when the records will be made available for examination and copying. The City may charge a fee for photo copying of documents. [Online Fillable Public Records Request Form]

Notification of Non-Retrievable Records and/or Plans

Unfortunately, some permit records and/or plans may not be available. When this occurs, you will be notified accordingly.