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Recycling and Green Waste Collection Available for all Commercial Businesses

Richmond businesses are now eligible to participate in the City’s curbside compost program at no cost. This service will allow businesses to decrease the amount of solid waste sent to the landfill and save money on trash bills. Businesses can call Republic Services at 510-262-7100 to schedule a walk-through and start green cart service.

Items accepted include food scraps, food-soiled paper, and plant and yard debris. For more information on acceptable materials view the posters below or contact Republic Services. Upon request, Republic Services recycling coordinators can provide training, indoor collection bins and service recommendations to businesses.
                                           Republic Services Recycling Bins                 Republic Services Green bins

Collection Services

Richmond businesses receive carts or bins of varying size free of charge to meet recycling and compost needs. All recyclable items may be put in the blue recycling cart or bin together. This is a great tool for businesses to reduce their trash bills each month! 

Questions about Recycling & Compost Services

To start service or to for questions about your collection schedule or acceptable materials, please contact

 Republic Services 

at 510-262-7100

List of State Mandated Commercial Recycling Laws

Please contact Republic Services' Recycling Coordinators for assistance or to receive a free waste assessment, training for staff, and educational materials. Recycling Coordinators can be contacted at or call (510) 262-7100.

California State Law AB 341
Requires businesses that generate four (4) or more cubic yards of garbage per week and multifamily complexes (5 units or more) to recycle by July 1, 2012

California State Law AB 1826

Requires businesses and multifamily complexes to have organics recycling services. The law has been implemented in phases. Businesses that generate the following thresholds of garbage or organic waste will need to compost by the corresponding date noted below:

  • January 1, 2019 - 4 cubic yards per week of solid waste
NEW! California State Law AB 827
Passed in 2019, amends AB 341 and AB 1826. Requires covered businesses to make recycling and organic recycling containers available to customers with clear labels to indicate what materials are appropriate for each bin.

NEW! California State Law SB 1383

This bill creates goals for short-lived climate pollutant (SLCP) reductions in various industry sectors; this includes reduction goals for black carbon, fluorinated gases, and methane. The methane emission reduction goal includes a 75% reduction in the level of statewide disposal of organic waste from 2014 levels by 2025. Rule making is still in process but general information and updates are available at

Download a Guide for Your Business!

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