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Online College Accreditation Guide

EDUMED's Online College Accreditation Guide is everything you need to know to make sure your medical and healthcare education meets high standards. Accreditation acts as a seal of approval for colleges and their underlying degree programs. Whether the coursework is taught on-campus or online, accreditation is a surefire sign a school has achieved benchmark quality standards.

College Databases California

2024 Best Colleges in California U. S. News and World Report lists public and private universities throughout the state including tuition expense.

California State Universities is a database that helps narrow your search for a university by location, diversity and programs.

Accredited Business School Programs in California that details in-state costs, aid received per student, median SAT and ACT scores, GMAT scores for graduates and graduation rates.

Graduate Schools and Programs

With almost 60,000 programs listed in its free directories, and are the leading online resources for graduate school. You can use these sites to find your ideal program by searching by subject, location and even school. Try targeting your search even more by going to sections designed specifically for MBA and business programs, international programs, distance and online programs, and a section that helps guide students from under-represented groups. is a part of EducationDynamics,which is a leading interactive marketing and information services company focused on helping higher education institutions find, enroll and retain students, and also produces online learning directories like eLearners and EarnMyDegree, and study abroad directories like StudyAbroad and IIEPassport.