Building Community With Community

The City of Richmond is committed to building community with community because we believe “Parks Make Life Better!” The BCWC model supports private funding contributions to local government. BCWC focuses on small renovations of neighborhood parks over a 12 month period. During the 12 month period, a planning team is developed that includes residents from the surrounding neighborhood, city personnel, the supporting funder, and a local supporting non-profit. Each project hosts a Design Day which includes invitations to all neighbors of all ages. During Design Day children draw and present their dream playground, and adults discuss their wishes for their existing open space.

After Design Day, the planning team continues to plan according to the wishes of the surrounding neighbors. At the end of the 12 month period, one day is chosen as the Build Day. On Build Day the dreams and wishes of the neighbors is constructed by a variety of volunteers in just nine hours!

12 Month Overview
  • Month 1       Funder is identified. 
  • Month 2       Funder is given a tour of designated parks and chooses a spot to fund.
  • Month 3       One local non-profit is chosen to support the process.
  • Month 4       Residents from the surrounding area are invited to be part of the planning team. 
  • Month 5-6    Planning process takes place with residents, city personnel, non-profit, and funder.    
  • Month 7       Design Day takes place.
  • Month 8-9    Planning is finalized according to the outcomes of Design Day. 
  • Month 10     Build Day takes place.
  • Month 11     Planning team debriefs the overall process and outcomes.
  • Month 12     City personnel assist with implementation of programmatic sustainable model.
   Mark your calendars:  Build Day for John F. Kennedy Park is Saturday, October 24, 2015.
  Join the fun and make a difference!

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