Historic Contexts and Surveys

Historic Context Statements
Historic contexts are based on one or more themes, a geographical area, and periods of significance. They describe the broad patterns of historical development in a community or region that are represented by the physical development and character of the built environment. They also identify important associated property types, and establish eligibility criteria and integrity thresholds. Context-based surveys make it possible to evaluate resources for land use planning purposes without needing to research each individual property. Initial context statements are typically developed during the early stages of survey planning in order to utilize cost-effective survey methods that will result in the identification of significant resources. More developed contexts may be prepared in conjunction with an ongoing survey or as a separate activity. Below, you can access the historic context statements that have been completed for different areas in Richmond.

Historic Resource Surveys
Historic resource surveys are performed to identify, record, and evaluate historic properties within a community, neighborhood, project area, or region. Surveys provide information needed to make informed planning decisions, prioritize preservation goals and objectives, develop and implement land use policies, perform environmental reviews pursuant to CEQA, develop adaptive reuse and heritage tourism initiatives, educate the public and increase the understanding of and appreciation for the built environment as a tangible reminder of the community’s history. Surveys also assist in the identification of resources worthy of designation in a local register of historic resources, the California Register of Historical Resources, or the National Register of Historic Places, as well as properties potentially eligible for federal tax benefits or other state and local preservation incentives. Below you can access the historic resource surveys that have been completed for different areas in Richmond.