Boards, Commissions, and Committees

The City of Richmond has established 25 official boards, commissions, and committees which advise the City Council on a variety of issues and make decisions on projects, plans, and programs in Richmond. The mayor has the sole responsibility to make appointments to these bodies which are comprised of members of the public who represent a wide range of constituencies in Richmond. Residents, employees, employers, and other Richmond stakeholders are encouraged to participate in local government by serving on the City’s boards and commissions.  Their participation is a significant part of involving the community in local government by shaping and influencing public policy processes while offering varying viewpoints to elected officials. 

Because there are so many Richmond boards, commissions, and committees, it is asked that applicants research and assess the different bodies by attending meetings and reviewing relevant material in order to understand the roles and responsibilities of the position.

Appointment Process

  • Submit appropriate application to the City Clerk’s Office
  • Application is forwarded to the Boards, Commissions, and Committees Liaison in the Mayor’s Office
  • Applicant is asked to attend at least one monthly meeting for the board, commission, or committee they have applied for
  • Mayor reviews application and makes decision on appointment
  • Appointments by the mayor are placed on a city council agenda for approval with the concurrence of at least three other members of the council
  • Appointed individual's term of office begins immediately following city council approval and any necessary follow up conducted by the City Clerk and city staff regarding participation requirements

General Requirements and Minimum Qualifications

All appointed members of City boards, commissions, and committees are public officials who must take an Oath of Office and are held to the rules and requirements that are applicable to their position. Members must attend the regularly scheduled meetings in person and participate in the decisions and actions of the body. All meetings are conducted in accordance with rules established by the City Council and the requirements for open and public meetings established in the Ralph M. Broth Act (CA Govt. Code Section 54950).

The minimum qualifications for appointed members are determined by the specific enabling legislation adopted by the City Council. The terms and qualifications for membership are defined in the council approved ordinance, resolution, or applicable program document that authorized the establishment of the board, commission, or committee. The most common qualification is Richmond residency and City officers or employees are prohibited from serving as an appointed member. Other common qualifications include: registration to vote, subject matter experience, and in some cases age.

The mayor has the sole authority to determine whether an applicant is qualified beyond the requirements established by adopted city council policy. It is the responsibility of the applicant to present to the mayor for consideration any and all information they feel is relevant to their appointment. It is also expected that applicants familiarize themselves with the fundamental roles and responsibilities of the position they are applying for.

For more information, contact Ruben Hernandez Story, Deputy Chief of Staff, at (510) 620-6548 or