City Council Community Conversation

On August 27, 2020, the City of Richmond hosted a virtual community event titled, “A Community Conversation Series, Reimagining Police and Public Safety,” which was open to the public. The goal of this event, which was viewed by more than one hundred people, was to receive community input about the topics the community wants to discuss and hear ideas about the best process for furthering these conversations.

The event was facilitated by Tiffany Hoang with CircleUp Education, an East Bay organization that specializes in creating strategies to address implicit bias, inequity, and other structural and institutional social issues. By receiving questions and comments from the public, the city gained an initial understanding of the community’s priorities and positions on changes to police services and public safety in Richmond. The city was in “listening” mode and did not present any specific plans or ideas, as those will be developed with the community over the coming months.

Watch "A Community Conversation Series, Reimagining Police and Public Safety" on Youtube.

City staff have transcribed the questions, concerns, and requests from the virtual community event. The document may be viewed, downloaded, and/or printed below. City staff are working internally to ensure the questions, concerns, and requests will be addressed.

Community Conversation Questions