Cannabis Equity Manual

Cannabis Equity Manual

The Cannabis Equity Manual, describes elements of Richmond's Cannabis Equity Program. This document describes the program eligibility criteria for individuals and businesses, necessary documentation and review process, and briefly describes the service and resources available for Equity Applicants. The City is currently working to implementation of the program.  View the Cannabis Equity below or click on the link to view a PDF.

PDF of Cannabis Equity Manual

  1. 1. Program Purpose

The City of Richmond has had a long commitment of identifying social, economic, and health inequities and creating programs and adopting policies to address these inequities. In addition, as demonstrated by the City of Richmond Cannabis Equity Assessment, populations and communities within the City of Richmond have been adversely impacted by the criminalization of cannabis and poverty. As such, the City has adopted the Cannabis Equity Program Manual (“Program”) described herein. The City of Richmond Cannabis Equity Program Manual is designed to foster equitable access and ensure diversity and inclusion in the cannabis industry by reducing the barriers of entry into the commercial cannabis industry for individuals and communities impacted by the disproportionate enforcement of cannabis crimes in Richmond. The purpose of this manual is to describe the qualifications for, and services to be provided by, the Richmond Cannabis Equity Program. All services and factors listed in this manual are and continue to be at the discretion of City of Richmond and are subject to updates and revisions in accordance with the Program, as approved by the City Council.

  1. 2. Definitions
  1. 3. Applicability of the Richmond Municipal Code Article 15.04.610.270
  1. 4. Review Process
  1. 5. Program Eligibility
  1. 6. Documentation and Review
  1. 7. Program Services
  1. 8. Program Administration
  1. 9. Provision of Services
  1. 10. Program Monitoring and Reporting