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Implementation Questions - Arts and Culture Ordinances, Policies, and Procedures

  1. The City Council adopted the Public Art Program Ordinance and the Amendment to RMC 3.59 Arts and Culture Commission on May 18, 2021 and adopted the Public Art Policies and Procedures on May 4, 2021. The adopted documents can be found here:

    There some decisions that need to be made prior to the implementation of these ordinances, policies, and procedures. Please provide your ideas and feedback for each of the questions below. In addition, if there are any additional questions you think need to be answered, please let us know. 

    Timeline: The goal is for RACC and PAAC to vote on decisions at the June 24 retreat. We would like all feedback and suggestions by Wednesday, June 2. After voting at the June 24 meeting, we will begin combined meetings of RACC and PAAC starting in August 2021.

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