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Paratransit Satisfaction Survey

  1. Please take a moment to help us improve our services.
  2. Overall Experience
  3. Thinking about your experience during the last year, which of the following best describes your rating of the services?
  4. How vital is the service to meet you transportation needs?
  5. How likely are you to recommend others?
  6. How often do you use the service?
  7. Reservations
  8. Take a moment to think about your experience with reserving a ride. How would you rate the reservation service:
  9. In the past month, were you able to reserve a ride for the date and time requested?
  10. Courtesy of the Reservationist in meeting your needs:
  11. In the last month, indicate the length of time you had to wait on hold before speaking to a Reservationist:
  12. Trips
  13. When you make a reservation, R-Transit gives you a 20 minute time period or "window" during which they will pick you up. Please rate the average on-time performance of the service:
  14. What is the primary purpose of your trip(s):
    Check all that apply:
  15. How would you rate your R-Transit trip in terms of costs:
  16. Please rate the overall quality of your trips:
  17. Drivers
  18. Please rate the courtesy of the drivers:
  19. Please rate the drivers performance with assisting you in/out of the vehicle:
  20. Please rate the drivers performance in safely operating the vehicle:
  21. Please rate the overall performance of the drivers:
  22. Vehicles
  23. Please rate the cleanliness of vehicles
  24. Please rate the comfort of riding in teh vehicles:
  25. Please rate the accessibility of the vehicles:
  26. Please rate the overall condition of the vehicles:
  27. All survey responses are anonymous. Please feel free to add additional comments:
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