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Richmond Arts and Culture Division Survey

  1. Please note: This survey is a public document and subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act. You may remain anonymous in filling out this survey.
  2. General Information
  3. Which of the following describes you? You may select more than one option.
  4. If you are an Artist, which of the following forms are applicable to you?
  5. If you are an Artist, which of the following describes you?
  6. Demographic Information
  7. In which category is your age?
  8. Are you Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino?
  9. What is your race? (Mark one or more races to indicate what race you consider yourself to be.)
  10. What is your gender?
  11. Neighborhood Art and Culture
  12. Please rate the following characteristics as they relate to Richmond as a whole: Opportunities to attend cultural/arts/music activities
  13. Do you have experience utilizing the Richmond Art Center?
  14. Which art types do you see in your neighborhood?
  15. Below are some annual cultural celebrations held in Richmond: 1. Juneteenth event bring thousands to Richmond Nichols Park. 1. Pow Wow in Richmond honors Native American Culture @RPAL 3. Richmond Cinco de Mayo Parade and Festival on 23rd street. 4. Richmond kicked off LGBT Pride month with family-friendly celebration in Marina Park, Richmond Rainbow Pride. 5. Downtown Richmond annual Spirit & soul. 6. Sisters in Solidarity international women’s days celebration
  16. Interest in Richmond Arts and Culture
  17. I would be interested in the following Arts and Culture programming:
  18. Please check the following that are applicable to you:
  19. The Arts and Culture Commission administers the Neighborhood Public Art Mini-Grant. Please indicate which of the following applies to you.
    More information on the annual program can be found here:
  20. Are you aware of the City's One Percent Public Art for Private Projects Program? Select which of the following applies to you.
    More information can be found here:
  21. I heard about this survey in
  22. Leave This Blank: