Sanitary Sewer Lateral Grant Program

Notice of a Sanitary Sewer Lateral Grant Program for the Richmond Municipal Sewer District

Public Funds Available
Residents can apply for a grant to assist with lateral repairs. The city will distribute a budgeted amount in grants each fiscal year to help repair or replace private mains or laterals. The grants are for reimbursement of up to 50 percent of the repair costs and will be no more than $3,000 each. The city will continue accepting applications through the year. Primary domicile residents and tax-exempt public service organizations owning property within the Richmond Municipal Sanitary Sewer District can apply. Completed applications can be mailed or dropped off at City Hall (Engineering Services, Lateral Grant Program, 450 Civic Center Plaza, 94804). For questions, contact coordinator Gina DeLaTorre by email or at (510)307-8094.

Applications are available on the City’s website (fill-able PDF application) and at City Hall (450 Civic Center Plaza). The applications can be submitted to the City’s Engineering Services Department in person or by mail. The applications will have a receipt number, and time/date stamp based on the order they are received.

Applications will be received throughout the year (The grant program operates on a fiscal year cycle).

Important Guidelines
Download the Complete Guidelines for the Lateral Grant Application. Several important guidelines to expedite the application process are:

In order to qualify the Lateral Grant, the following criteria must be met:
  1. The applicant must reside in the Richmond Municipal Sewer District.
  2. The address must be the primary domicile of the applicant.
  3. One bid (each) from three (3) separate State Licensed Contractors must be included (this means you must have three bids from different contractors).
  4. Ensure that all contracts/bids detail the work that will be performed, i.e., "Full Line Replacement from House to the City's Sanitary Sewer Main."
  5. You must date and sign your application.

After the applicant has met the above criteria, the applicant must also submit the following with their application:

  1. Proof of payment from the contractor completing the work (i.e., “Paid in Full” stamped or written on invoice, canceled check, etc.).
  2. Certificate of Lateral Compliance (stamped and paid in full).
    Failure to comply with the above requirement may cause your application to be rejected.

    Only one grant per resident per property will be awarded. The application receipt number for the property owner will be valid until the grant is awarded or if the City determines that the applicant is not entitled to a grant. For any questions contact the Grant Coordinator, Gina DeLaTorre, at (510)307-8094 or