The Pretreatment program issues permits to businesses discharging wastewater from their processes.

Contact Information


New Business or One-Time Discharges

New businesses or one time dischargers can file a Stormwater/Wastewater Application Form and consent decree pollutant questionnaire by fax or surface mail.
  • New applicants need to submit application 30 days before proposed discharge.
  • The signed application plans and blueprints must be received before permit can be issued.
  • For step by step procedure for either one time discharge or one year permit please check out the requirements for discharge.


If your permit requires you to self monitor, you will be required to collect grab/composite samples yourself and send them to a certified laboratory or contract the sampling out. These lists are not endorsements.

Baseline Monitoring Report

If you have been asked to submit a baseline monitoring report, please note the BMR checklist.

Permit Renewal

If you need to renew your permit, you can submit a renewal application/Annual Sewer Service Charges Calculation Sheet (PDF file) by fax or surface mail. Check on the last page of your current permit for the date the renewal must be received.