Permit Fees

The Richmond Municipal Code 12.20.050(b) & (d) lists the manner in which sewer service charges are collected.  Industrial Discharge Permits fees are listed in the Master Fee Schedule managed by the Finance Department.  Richmond Municipal Code lists the requirements for the need of a permit in section 12.18 (all).

The following services are covered by the permit fee:

  1. One annual compliance inspection
  2. Annual sampling at up to two monitoring sites
  3. One semi-annual compliance inspection for federally regulated businesses
  4. One inspection for businesses discharging storm water to the treatment plant

The following services are subject to the additional fees:

  • follow-up inspections if required.
  • additional sampling (two or more monitoring sites).

Monitoring sites include but are not limited to collection boxes, laterals, tanks, sample tees and detention ponds. If additional services are provided by the City, a receipt will be issued. The fee will be added to the property owner’s sewer bill which appears on the annual county tax statement the following year.

If you have any questions please call 510-620-6594.