Preventing Stormwater Pollution

Richmond Water Systems
Richmond shoreline
Richmond shoreline
As a city with 20 miles of creeks and 32 miles of coastline, Richmond residents, parks, and wildlife rely on clean water. Richmond has seven main creeks: Baxter, Castro, Cerrito, Garrity, Rheem, San Pablo, and Wildcat Creeks.

When it rains, many of the pollutants on our streets and gutters wash down the storm drains, enter the nearest body of water, and eventually end up in the San Francisco Bay.

The storm drain system consists of a network of pipes throughout the city that prevents flooding of streets and highways when it rains. Since the storm drain system is not connected to the sewer system and does not filter water or debris, any pollutant that flows into the storm drain ends up in our waterways, the San Francisco Bay and the ocean.

Preventing stormwater pollution is vital to the health of our neighborhoods, our parks and our environment.

Prevent Stormwater Pollution
When pollutants enter storm drains, they flow untreated directly into waterways and into the Bay. View a list of natural, litter, and chemical stormwater pollutants.

Do Not Dump Chemicals
Keep chemicals out of storm drains. Dispose of hazardous materials and paint properly.

Do Not Litter
Litter in storm drains flows into waterways and the Bay and may affect aquatic life.

Keep Yard Waste Out of the Gutter
Keep leaves, grass clippings, dirt, and other yard waste out of the gutter. Use the green waste cart to dispose of yard waste. Consider composting at home, using organic soil amendments instead of chemical fertilizers, and employing other gardening practices that reduce the risk of polluting stormwater. Request drop box services from Richmond Sanitary Service to dispose of large amounts of green waste or construction debris.

Report Illegal Dumping
Illegal dumping is a significant source of stormwater pollution. If you see someone pouring paint, motor oil, or any of the other materials listed above into the gutter or storm drain, call 1-800-NO DUMPING during business hours or call 911 to contact the Richmond Police during non-business hours.