Spill Cleanup

Cleaning with Absorbent Materials
Using an absorbent to clean up a spill
Use an absorbent to clean up spills
Whenever possible, do not use water to clean up spills. Follow these general guidelines to stop spills at the source and to prevent spills from entering the storm drain.
  1. Place absorbent materials like cat litter, cornmeal, sawdust, or other dry materials on and around the spill to keep it from spreading.
  2. Sweep up the dry material and dispose of it in the garbage.

If Water Must Be Used

  1. Use a mop and bucket after absorbing as much as possible with dry absorbents. Dispose of the wash water in a drain that leads to a sanitary sewer, such as a sink. Do not dispose of the wash water in a storm drain.
  2. If the area must be hosed with water, sweep the area first and avoid or block off any storm drains.
  3. Contain and collect the wash water with a wet vacuum or sump pump and discharge it into a sink or sanitary sewer.