Hazardous Materials

Basic Team Operations

The city of Richmond has formulated a Hazardous Materials Contingency Plan to govern the cooperative operations of all agencies involved in a hazardous materials incident.  This is a blueprint, or the "How to" for hazardous materials emergencies.  Within the framework of the plan, the city of Richmond Fire Department has drawn up a set of standard operating procedures that are to be used by our personnel during these emergencies.  These procedures are based on the concept that team members will perform at the level, greater than the standard of 1991 editions of NFPA 472 and 29 CFR 1910.120, see appendix A.

In order to differentiate the various responsibilities, training levels have been established commensurate with the required duties:

-    HMRT/Decon members assigned to station 64 shall be trained to the level of Hazardous  
     Materials Technician.

-   Company members shall be trained to the level First Responder (FRO).

This program will operate with in a task force concept, centrally located at station 64.  In addition, one or more engine companies will act in a support role during an incident.  The on-duty Battalion Chief will assume the role of Incident Commander and implement the ICS standard.  

The Richmond Fire Department and the city of Richmond is committed in providing the best service for the community.