“The statistics, especially in the context of the greater Bay Area, aren't hard to see. In Richmond, 22.3% of all residence do not have a high school diploma and more than one third (39%) live below the federally defined poverty line. The correlation between the two is high. People who do not have a high school diploma are much more likely to live in poverty.

These are statistics that affect people’s lives and families—that create hunger and homelessness. Without an education, finding a job becomes difficult, and without a job, people fall into poverty, poor health, and disenfranchisement.

For over thirty years LEAP, and the Richmond Public Library, have made adult education and community involvement part of our mission. We recognize our residents need more opportunities to be successful. Whether we help a student land a job at the Chevron refinery or get accepted into a local college on an academic pathway, LEAP is one step on the road out of poverty in Richmond.  

Luckily you can make a difference by supporting the work of LEAP. 

“I wouldn’t have gotten a high school diploma without this program,” Erin Newsome, a 2017 Online High School graduate, explained. “By being online it gave me the time to work and to take care of my family and to earn my high school diploma.”


"With the help from LEAP I earned my GED. For five years I have been looking for work. Now that I got the GED I was able to get work right away." -G.W. - former LEAP student