CA State Park Passes

The California State Library Parks Pass are free passes that can be used up to 28 days and can be used at over 200 California State Parks. Passes are only good for California State Parks and are not valid at National Parks, municipal parks, etc. The California State Library Park Pass permits one vehicle and its passengers into a state park for day use only. Passes do not provide discounts for camping, programs, or other licenses needed while at the park. Some State Parks are not eligible for this program.

California State Park Passes FAQs:

What is the California State Library Parks Pass and who can use it?

The California State Library Parks Pass program provides a free vehicle day-use entry for one passenger vehicle with capacity of nine people or less, or one highway licensed motorcycle at 200+ participating state parks to library cardholders.

California State Library Parks Pass Terms and Conditions.

How long is the check out period?

Park passes are available for 28 day check out period. They are not eligible for renewal. 

How can I check out a park pass?

Anyone who has an adult Richmond Public Library Card can borrow a park pass at no charge. Park passes may be requested by placing a hold, visiting your local library, or contacting your local library for assistance. 

What happens if I lose my pass, or it's stolen?

Please contact us and let us know if your pass is lost or stolen. 

Can more than one vehicle use the pass?


How can I learn more about California State Parks?

Check out California State Parks and the California State Parks Pass FAQs to learn more.