How do I start a business?
If your business is located within the City limits of Richmond, contact the Business License Division at 510-620-6742 for a “How to get a Business License in the City of Richmond” brochure. The law requires businesses to obtain all the permits, licenses, and/or authorizations that pertain to that business. Various governing authorities have requirements that must be met.

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1. When will I get paid for doing business with the City?
2. Who should I contact regarding status of an outstanding invoice?
3. What can I do to help expedite payment of an invoice?
4. Can a vendor pick up a check from City Hall?
5. Do I contact the City of Richmond for garbage/refuse liens?
6. How do I start a business?
7. Do you need a City of Richmond business license?
8. How do I get a business license?
9. How much does it cost? When are monies due?
10. How do I pay a Business/Rental License online?
11. Do state licensed contractors require a license?
12. What are license monies used for?
13. How do I become a vendor to the City?