How can I report criminal activity in my neighborhood?
For any life threatening emergencies, you should dial 9-1-1. For non- emergencies, you may call the Richmond Police Department at 233-1214 or the Neighborhood Services Team for your specific area at 620-6640. After notifying the Richmond Police Department, you may contact the following services:
Hate Crime:
Immediately report any threat or violent act upon a person, for the reasons of race, sexual orientation, age, religion, etc.
Adult Protective Services of Contra Costa County, 925-335-8780, when the welfare of an elder or dependent adult is endangered or Children’s Protective Services of Contra Costa County 510-374-3324.
For graffiti removal offered by the City of Richmond call 231-3010.
Reckless drivers/speeders:
Report the license plate number or other identifying information of the vehicle or persons involved.
Illegally parked vehicles:
Under certain Richmond Municipal Codes and Vehicle Codes, the illegally parked vehicle can be cited and/or towed. Be prepared to supply identifying information about the vehicle.

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