Police Activities League

Richmond PAL's mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for youth through recreational, educational, cultural and social programs while building positive relations between Police Officers and the community.

The Richmond Police Activities League (RPAL) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1982 to provide access to a wide variety of activities for youth in the community of West Contra Costa County.

A message from the Executive Director….
Richmond Police Activities League (RPAL) had an amazing year in 2005-06. Our success would not have been possible without the support and contributions of you, our devoted pal. During 2006, we saw greater numbers of at-risk youth coming to RPAL and participating in a wide variety of training classes, activities and field trips. The crime prevention mission of partnering cops and kid in meaningful youth development activities was paramount in how we delivered our services.
One of our greatest successes of 2006 was being awarded a 2.5 million dollar grant from the California Department of Parks and Recreation through the Murray-Hayden Grant Program. This grant will be used to finish the One-Stop Youth Center currently under construction adjacent to our existing facility.
Other successes included more than 40 kids participating daily in our Homework Club after-school tutoring program, and two sessions of Aquatic Adventure Camp where underprivileged children learned how to safely recreate in and around waterways. Approximately forty (40) parents, volunteers and police officers helped us to offer these services. Our Computer Center continues to attract kids and adults of all ages.
We hope to increase our capacity to provide even more crime prevention programs to the youth of Richmond when we open our One-Stop Youth Center and gymnasium. It is our hope that you will continue to support our program by making “RPAL” your “PAL”.
Richmond PAL’s main program activities:
Education & Computer Technology
Sports & Team Play
Bike Safety & Education
Digital Music Recording & Education
Cultural & Field Trips Activities
Youth Leadership\Director Council
Aquatic Camp & Water safety
Summer Day Camp
Computer Excellence Center (CEC)
The mission of the Computer Excellence Center is to provide access to personal computers and information technology to the under-served community in an effort to address the widening computer information divide.  The Richmond PAL- CEC delivers “turn key” computer-based learning to the community via “open” classroom activities, the vast resources of the Internet, Industry standard curriculum, and technical assistance to many youth-serving organizations.  The PAL Computer Excellence Center partners with many non-profit community-based youth serving organizations such as public and private schools, youth development centers, and social service agencies to achieve its goal of touching as many young lives as possible.
Education & Computer Technology Component
Basic Literacy Training
Digital Photography
Computer Repair & Service
Movie & Digital Storytelling
Graphic Design
Homework Club
Computer Challenge Tournament
Website & Internet
Job Preparedness & Resume Writing
Sports & Team Play
Our sports programs are seasonal and include:
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Flag Football
  • Track & Field
  • T-Ball & Pee-Wee Basketball
  • Jr. Giant’s Baseball Tournaments
  • Lawn Bowling
  • Girls\Boys Scout
Some of these activities are age specific. For further information contact our front office at PAL. 
Bike Safety & Education
The bike program offers youth a chance to learn about bike safety. It also teaches about bike repair and safe riding. The Bike program further allows PAL members an opportunity to earn a bike through earned-incentive point system. Members participate in weekly ride.

Digital Audio Recording Studio
The Digital Audio Recording Studio (DARS) introduces youth to the basic of recording studio techniques while giving them the opportunity to master the latest hardware and software equipment used in the professional music recording industry. Students will strive to create their own music CD.
Youth Directors Council
The Youth Director Council (YDC) teaches youth ages 12-18 leadership and public speaking skills. YDC members also attend the California Police Activities League (CALPAL) State Youth conference once a year to learn new ways of being a sound leader. This conference is attended by youth from all over the state of California.