Property & Evidence Section


An appointment is required for property pick-up.  To claim your property call the Property Unit at (510) 620-6652.  Appointments are available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between the hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Valid Identification must be presented for release of property, i.e. Valid Driver’s License from any state, Valid Identification card from any state, Valid Passport from any country, Valid United States Military Identification, etc...

The primary duty of the Property Unit is to log, classify, store, dispense, destroy and release property/evidence to its rightful owner for court presentation and/or for destruction or auction.

*Evidence: Property is generally held for a minimum of 90 days from conclusion of any pending court action or investigation.  Subsequently the prosecuting attorney may initial a court order for return certifying that the property is no longer needed for court and may be returned to the rightful owner.  If no charges are filed, assigned Detective is responsible for approval of release back to rightful owner. If the owner does not claim the items at that time, they may be considered unclaimed and disposed of in the manner prescribed by law.

*Safekeeping:  Property is generally held for 90 days for pick up by the owner. If the owner is unable to retrieve the property, the owner must notify us in writing to release the property to an authorized person.  Failure to claim items within 90 days will invalidate any claim and the property shall be disposed of in the manner prescribed by law.

*Found Property: Found property and/or unattended property is taken into custody for safe guarding until the owner is located.  This property is held a minimum of 90 days while attempts to locate the rightful owner are made. FINDER: If you wish to claim the property, contact the Property Technicians within 5 days after delivering the property to the Richmond Police Department.  You must complete a found property affidavit claim form.  If the property affidavit form is not submitted to us, you will forfeit all rights to the property and items will be disposed of if no owner is located.  (FOUND FIREARMS AND DRUGS WILL NOT BE RELEASED)

*Search WarrantAll property taken during the service of a search warrant can only be released by order of the court.  You must obtain a valid Contra Costa County Court Order for release of property.  The certified original court order shall be submitted to the Property Technicians at the front counter of the Richmond Police Department located at 1701 Regatta Blvd, Richmond, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  We will reply to such request within 10 working days.

**If you are attempting to claim a firearm, before your gun can legally be released, you must first obtain a clearance letter from the California Department of Justice (DOJ) PC 33850.  You can access their form (Law Enforcement Gun Release Application) using the ling below, from the DOJ website or we can send you a print copy via mail or email.  The process can take four to eight weeks.  The clearance letter, confirming that you can legally possess a firearm, is valid for 30 days.  You must make an appointment to retrieve your firearm before the letter expires.  You must also bring a locking container for handguns.  Ammo is not released at the same time as guns.

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RPD Property & Evidence Section

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