Alarm Ordinance

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Alarm Ordinance RMC 7.96

In February 2015, the City of Richmond approved a false alarm ordinance requiring any business or residence that has an alarm installed and/or monitored to register for a permit.  The false alarm program will be managed by Public Safety Corporation.  The program will be offering online registration for the convenience of the public.  The online registration service is part of an agreement approved in January with the Public Safety Corporation to handle most administrative functions of the false alarm reduction effort.  The agreement furthers the Richmond Police Department’s commitment to reduce the number of false alarms responded to by officers to assist them to better serve our community.  

The agreement with the Public Safety Corporation reduces the staffing needed for the coordination of alarms within the department.  Public Safety Corporation, who uses its proprietary Crywolf software, will take over alarm registration, false alarm notifications, billing and collections for the town.  It will also provide customer support from 9am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.  

Any business that provides alarm monitoring, servicing or installation is also required to be registered as an alarm provider.  Registration for alarm companies or registration for those without computer access can be done through the Public Safety Corporation at its customer service phone number: 1(855) 809-2054.

All City of Richmond alarm users are required to register their alarms under the ordinance. This includes all residential, business and government locations within the City of Richmond boundaries.  The ordinance imposes a graduated civil penalty for false alarms. 

Please register here: ALARM REGISTRATION

For detailed information on how to register your alarm system, visit Alarm Ordinance RMC 7.96 

If you have any questions about the alarm ordinance or alarm registration, please call Sergeant N. Abetov at (510) 620-6635 or Email