Historical Elected Officials and Community Leaders

Councilman's project brings local history to life. Also known as "Nat Bates Presents...," Former Richmond City Councilmember Nat Bates interviews prominent residents of the City of Richmond in this series produced and hosted by Mr. Bates.

"While national figures are justifiably recognized and appreciated, there are a lot of local people just next door you can touch and talk to who are making significant contributions who no one seems to be aware of," explains Bates to Contra Costa Times writer Katherine Tam. "It's also important to know the heroes in our own community."

Some of his guests include:

  • Honorable George Carroll, former Mayor and Retired Judge
  • Honorable George Livingston, Retired Mayor and Councilman
  • Honorable Bettye Cash, Retired Brookside Hospital Board Of Directors
  • Honorable Lonnie Washington, Former Mayor / City Councilman
  • Honorable Richard Griffin, Former City Councilman
  • Honorable Irma Anderson, Former Mayor / Councilwoman
  • Mother Novelean Harris
  • Dr. Anthony T. Gordon, Board Member of Contra Costa Community College