About KCRT

Serving the East San Francisco Bay Area, KCRT Television, part of KCRT Media, televises to audiences on cable systems in West Contra Costa and Northern Alameda counties, as well as the Bay Area.

Headquartered in the historic city of Richmond, California, home of the Kaiser shipyards during World War II, KCRT Television offers a variety of news and entertainment programming, including live public meetings, local events, sports, concerts, and interviews with national and local celebrities.

Launched in 1990 with 12,000 viewer households, KCRT now reaches 70,000 homes and an estimated 250,000 viewers throughout West Contra Costa and Northern Alameda counties.

KCRT telecasts programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cablecasted on Channel 28 in multiple Comcast service areas, KCRT is seen in Richmond, El Cerrito, Marina Bay, Brickyard Cove, San Pablo, Kensington, Albany and portions of El Sobrante. Future expansion is planned in Contra Costa and Solano County counties.

In May 2011, KCRT joined the AT&T U-Verse lineup. The station's programming can now be seen throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as part of a local list of regional channels. To find us, tuned to Ch. 99, locate the "Richmond" tab, and then press "KCRT."