Graffiti must be removed from all sidewalks, walls, fences, signs and other structures or surfaces visible from beyond the bounds of the property line.  This is the responsibility of the property owner.

 How can I prevent graffiti?

What can be done? Many areas have in place prevention measures including the aggressive/timely removal of graffiti and policies banning gang symbols. What can you do personally? There are several ways you can help:

    1. Report any graffiti you find immediately to the appropriate agency. This is important for two reasons: to identify trends in type/location of graffiti and to get it cleaned up promptly.
    2. Remove any graffiti immediately to show that you care about your property. This will dissuade the graffiti vandal because it doesn't give the recognition they are looking for if you remove it quickly.
    3. Visually discourage graffiti vandals from using your property by choosing darker paint colors. This make their monikers stand out less, contradicting their goal of quick and easy recognition.
    4. Install motion-activated lights or security cameras on your property to scare them away.
    5. Use landscaping to deter graffiti vandals. Plant thorny or vine plants in front of ideal surfaces such as walls or fences. Graffiti vandals will avoid thorny plants so they don't get hurt or rip their clothes. Vine plants make the surfaces difficult to paint.
    6. If graffiti vandals continue to use your wood fence, consider installing a metal cyclone fence so the surface is no longer flat and easy to paint.
    7. If a wall, roof, or flat surface is easy for graffiti vandals to access, make it more difficult by installing locks, fences, or gates.
    8. Attend one of the gang awareness classes offered periodically through your school district or local law enforcement agency. Contact the Police Captain of your district.
    9. Identify and report any individuals you feel may be involved in graffiti vandalism; look for the warning signs.
    10. Work with local law enforcement, the school district, and the community to establish supervised/constructive late night alternatives like nighttime basketball, competitive drill teams, or dance programs.
    11. Know who your local resources are: school district administrators, community officials, school law enforcement officers, and area law enforcement officers.
    12. Get involved in or start a neighborhood watch program in your area.
    13. Know the key phone numbers to use in reporting graffiti in the Richmond area:

      • Dispatch: 510-233-1214
      • Public Works graffiti removal: 510-231-3010
      • And/or Code Enforcement: 510-621-1279