Inoperable Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Restrictions
There are limits to the amount of yard area that can be used for a driveway or parking. Parking vehicles anywhere other than these designated areas may be a violation.

All vehicles are prohibited from parking on any lawn area or on any unapproved parking pad.  Abandoned, inoperable, unlicensed and junk vehicles are not allowed on private or public property in Richmond. You may be able to donate your vehicle to a registered charity. There are several services that will pick up the vehicle free of charge. 

Any vehicle parked on a public street must be in driving condition, with current DMV registration, current tabs and may not be parked on the street over 72 hours.

Campers, RVs, boats, trailers, and other vehicles can be parked in the driveway if they are in running condition (no flat tires), and they are currently registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. All vehicles are prohibited from being parked or stored on grass, dirt or other unapproved parking pad. Recreational vehicles shall not be utilized as additional living space.