Outside Storage and Debris

Accumulating Debris
It is a violation of the Richmond Municipal Code section 9.22.090(3)(A) to accumulate debris in front, rear, or side yard areas:

The keeping, storage, depositing or accumulation on the premises of any personal property, including, but not limited to, abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative vehicles, automotive parts or equipment, appliances, furniture, containers, packing materials, scrap metal, wood, building materials, junk, solid waste, rubbish, and debris, which is within the view of persons on adjacent or nearby real property or the public right-of-way and which poses a risk of harm to the public or constitutes visual blight or reduces the aesthetic appearance of the neighborhood or is offensive to the senses or is detrimental to the use and enjoyment of nearby properties or reduces nearby property values; provided, however, that wood and building materials being used or to be used for a project of repair or renovation for which a valid and current building permit has been obtained may be stored for such period of time as is necessary expeditiously to complete the project.

Oncall Additional Trash Cleanup - Richmond Sanitary Service
Each calendar year, residential customers are entitled to two oncall cleanup collections without additional charge. Oncall Cleanups can be used either for trash or all green yard wastes (mixed set-outs must be collected and disposed of as solid wastes). Please contact Richmond Sanitary Service by calling their customer service office at 510-262-7100 at least one week in advance to schedule your collection day.

Trash cleanup collections will be made on the customer’s regular collection day; all green yard waste cleanup pickups will be made on the regular green cart collection day. Up to two cubic yards (12-15 bags) will be picked up on each clean-up collection. Containers will not be returned - all items must be bagged. Bags should be no larger than 35-gallons, weigh no more than 30 pounds, and be strong enough to hold the materials without breaking.