Richmond Hills Initiative Implementation

Richmond Hills Initiative

Project Contact:

Lina Velasco
Community Development Director
(510) 620-6841

On January 17, 2017, the “Richmond Hills Initiative” petition was transmitted to the Richmond City Council.  It had secured enough signatures to place it on the November 2018 ballot.  On January 24, 2017, after discussion, the City Council chose to adopt the Initiative as an ordinance pursuant to Elections Code § 9215.  The Initiative  applies to 38 tax parcels (APNs: 435-200-007, 435-200-008, 435-190-001, 435-300-009, 435-190-001, 435-230-007, 435-230-006, 435-180-005, 435-240-002, 435-230-005, 435-230-004, 435-230-042, 435-230-043, 435-230-013, 435-230-012, 435-230-020, 435-230-040, 435-230-023, 435-230-021, 435-230-011, 435-230-015, 435-230-050, 435-230-009, 435-230-014, 435-230-045, 435-230-038, 435-200-004, 435-210-007, 435-210-007, 435-230-052, 435-230-051, 435-180-008, 435-230-030, 435-230-028, 435-230-027, 435-230-008, 435-230-046, 435-210-001, 435-210-006, and 435-240-001).  The stated purpose of the Initiative is to limit “development and land uses in the Richmond Hills to protect health and safety, natural qualities, and open space.” (See Map of the Richmond Hills Initiative Area).

As part of the RHI, it established a minimum lot size of 20 acres and other development standards. In addition, it established a transferable development credit program intended to provide parcel owners the right to develop residences in designated areas within the City, subject to specified limitations and privileges.

Staff has been preparing General Plan and Zoning Amendments that would address inconsistencies within the General Plan resulting from adoption of the Initiative and zooming amendments to align with proposed General Plan changes.

City Council Meeting - Tuesday, April 6, 2021, 6:30 p.m., Via Teleconferencing (Zoom)

The City Council of the City of Richmond will conduct a hearing to consider (1) a Resolution amending the General Plan to correct certain internal inconsistencies related to adoption of the Richmond Hills Initiative, a voter initiative, that amended the Housing Element and (2) an Ordinance amending the Richmond Municipal Code to align Article XV, Zoning and Subdivision regulations and zoning map with the proposed General Plan Amendment noted above and to implement provisions of the Richmond Hills Initiative.

Planning Commission Public Hearing - March 4, 2021 6:30 PM, Telephone and web conference only

Consider a recommendation to the City Council of General Plan Amendments and Zoning Amendments related to the implementation of the RHI, a voter initiative, adopted by the City Council in 2017.

Planning Commission Public Hearing - October 15, 2020 6:30 PM, Telephone and web conference only

Study Session to provide and receive comments on draft General Plan Amendments (GPA) to address internal inconsistencies with
the Richmond Hills Initiative adopted by the City Council in 2017.

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