Can the City install additional street lights in front of my house?
Most of the existing street light were installed based on the City adopted criteria or design guideline stated in the Municipal Codes. Currently, the City is also looking into the energy saving program that allows the City to use different types of luminaries. If the new policy is adopted, new luminaries will light up the street more uniformly with the resulting lighting brighter than the current conditions. For new street light request Engineering Services will review and investigate each request on a case-by-case basis. City street lights can be categorized into two types. Street light mounting that is supported by wooden poles are being maintained by PG&E, while the non-wooden pole street lights are maintained by the City’s electricians. For general Street light maintenance issues, please contact the Engineering Services at 510-307-8091 or the Public Works Department at 510-231-3011. Both Departments can handle any street light malfunction issues.

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