Parklet Program

The City of Richmond piloted a Parklet Program in May 2016.  A parklet is a removable platform made available to the public for recreational use that occupies a portion of a parking lane that is closed to motor vehicle parking. 

The City of Richmond exercises management and maintenance responsibility for the use and occupancy of the City’s right-of-way. Its mission is to provide a clean, safe and healthy environment, and the Parklet Program is an extension of this mission. A parklet is a way to repurpose and activate public space innovatively, creating space for all users.

Each parklet requires a permit. Anyone interested in installing a parklet is welcome to apply, including neighborhood organizations, property owners, or business owners. Applicants must provide plans and documents for their parklets, as laid out in the Parklet Application Part II: Check List.

Please contact or 510-621-1718 for any questions about the Parklet Program.

Parklet Application Checklist: