Percent for Art Resolution

Richmond Designates One and One-Half Percent to the Arts.

Richmond's City Council approved a Percent for Art Resolution in 5/97. This resolution authorizes the allocation of one and one-half percent (1.5%) of all eligible City and Redevelopment Agency capital improvement project costs with budgets in excess of $300,000 for the acquisition of public artwork. The money is calculated each fiscal year.

Fund Use

The Percent for Art funds may be used to purchase or commission works of art or design elements created by artists; to maintain, repair, or relocate public art or design elements; to fund staffing and administrative costs for implementing the Public Art Program, and to defray other expenses such as community education and outreach. Approximately one percent (1%) is earmarked for artists' fees and costs, and approximately one-half percent is set aside for maintenance and conservation of the city's public artwork, community outreach and education, documentation, publicity, promotion, and administration.

Public Art Program

The Arts and Culture Division administers the Public Art Program with oversight from the Arts and Culture Commission and reports the activities to the City Council and the Redevelopment Agency. The Commission has established a Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) which is comprised of five to seven members who serve up to two, two-year terms. Up to three members of the Commission may serve on the PAAC is responsible to the Commission by:

  • Recommending program policies and procedures
  • Recommending public art projects and budgets in the form of a public art annual plan
  • Reviewing proposals for public art acquisitions and forwarding acceptance or rejections
  • Reviewing and recommending acceptance or rejection of all proposed gifts or loans of artwork to the city, and from the city
  • Serving as community liaisons, and providing advocacy for the public art program within the city.
  • The Public Art Advisory Committee and the Arts and Culture Commission will develop a Public Art Annual Plan with the Division staff which identifies specific public art projects to be accomplished with the public art allocations.

In adopting a Percent for Art Resolution, the City recognizes the substantial economic benefits to be gained through the aesthetic enhancement of its public spaces, and its increased ability to attract and retain commercial and industrial businesses through an enriched visual environment.

View the Percent for Art Resolution (1.55 MB pdf)