Inspection Types

Industrial Wastewater Permittees
Permit holders are inspected on an annual cycle. If you have an inspection scheduled the annual inspection checklist will show you what to have ready when the inspector arrives.

If hazardous waste was hauled off from your facility in the year prior to the inspection, please fill out the waste hauler annual inventory form.

Permitting Forms Page

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Industrial Discharge Storm Water Permittees
If you discharge storm water to the Publicly Owned Treatment Works through your sanitary sewer lines, you are inspected annually to ensure you are engaging in Best Management Practices and have the ability to shut down storm discharge and hold until after significant storm events when notified by the pretreatment staff.

Information about general stormwater issues can be viewed here Stormwater Program.
Food Handling Facilities
The Industrial Pretreatment Program is in the process of reviewing grease management from restaurants and food preparers as part of its FOG Program. Grease interceptors need to be cleaned out completely by a grease collection service as often as it takes to assure the interceptor will operate properly. Grease traps need to be properly maintained as well and the grease removed from them and disposed of or recycled properly. Be sure to keep signed receipts from your water hauler for three years, in the event of inspections. More information will be posted to this website in the near future for food handling facilities Best Management Practices.

Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) Program

List of Oil/Grease Haulers

East Bay Municipal Utilities District Resource Recovery: Trucked Waste Program--for local fats. oils and grease haulers.

The City of Richmond's Wastewater Treatment Plant does not accept any trucked wastes.

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Condition of grease trap before inspection
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Post inspection cleaning by business owner.