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Executive Summary Community Library Needs Assessment
In 2007, recognizing that the current Main Library in Richmond has significant physical and service limitations, the City engaged in a comprehensive Community Library Needs Assessment (CLNA) to identify current and anticipated library service needs through the year 2030. The Richmond CLNA documents these needs and proposes a new library of approximately 65,300 square feet to replace the current facility.

There are 3 parts to the Needs Assessment for the Richmond Public Library: Library ProgramLibrary Needs Assessment and the Library Plan of Service. The documents will explain the project in detail. Click on the links to access the documents in their entirety. If you have any questions please contact Library Administration at 510-620-6555.

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Library Program
Any Library in a community as diverse as Richmond has tremendous demands upon it for provision of service. In an environment of finite resources, it is necessary to prioritize services. The CLNA (Community Library Needs Assessment) identified general library service needs, materials, services and qualities/spaces to emphasize in a new library to help Richmond residents meet their personal, cultural, educational and professional needs. 

Library Program Document 

Library Needs Assessment
The purpose of the Community Library Needs Assessment is to identify the current and anticipated library service needs of Richmond residents through the year 2030, particularly as they relate to a new Main Library. Library needs of Richmond residents fall into four categories- -general, collection, services and spaces. The primary general needs expressed by residents were for extended service hours and a facility that is safe, attractive, high-tech and welcoming to all. There was also considerable support for a branch library in the Hilltop area.

Library Needs Assessment Document

Library Plan of Service
Throughout 2007, the City of Richmond engaged in a Community Library Needs Assessment to clarify the current and anticipated library service needs of its residents. Representatives of all segments of the community participated through the Richmond Library Building Advisory Committee (RLBAC), a library survey with 1,100 responses, 13 focus groups with special constituencies, and 47 interviews with key stakeholders and community leaders. Information from these sources, as well as from an analysis of demographics, renew of current library use statistics, study of city data, and observations of the current library facility and operations, is included in the Richmond CLNA, which describes diverse library service needs that the 60 year old current Main Library is no longer adequate to meet.

Library Plan of Service Document

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