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I Heart Richmond is a City beautification and clean-up initiative led through a collaboration of several City departments and community-based organizations.

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Recycling Resources

Illegal Dumping

Illegal Dumping Resource for Nystrom Event 4-9-22 (1)

Bulky Item Pick-Up

Illegal Dumping Resource for Nystrom Event 4-9-22

Compost Giveaway

Free Compost Giveaway

FREE Compost Pail

Free Compost bin for residents

Mattress Drop Off

Mattress drop off card 5x7

Bulky Item Pick-Up

bulky item flyer

Community Partnerships

love your block in kind sponsorship
love your block new hours
Refuel your fun

Recycling Disposal Guide: RE:Source

Learn how to properly and safely dispose hazardous waste, clothing, bulky items, and more!

Report Illegal Dumping!

In March, 2022, the City Abatement team picked up over 200 tons of illegally dumped trash in Richmond. 

To report illegal dumping on City streets and property, use the city's free smartphone app or call the Illegal Dumping Hot Line, (510) 965-4905, to report illegally dumped material in Richmond.

Caltrans Reporting 

There are 3 ways to contact Caltrans to report illegal dumping, trash, missing or damaged fencing, or graffiti on state highways, bridges, and right-of-ways:

  1. Online: https://csr.dot.ca.gov/
  2. By phone: 510-286-6173
Caltrans reporting options (1)

I Heart Richmond Reports to City Council

Each month, Public Works presents to the City Council on current clean-up initiatives and abatement efforts. 

May 2022 PW presentation slide

Slide from the May 3rd, 2022 presentation.

Community-based organization presentations given to City Council.

Public Art Program in Richmond

The City of Richmond is home to over 30 works of public art. The Public Art Program emphasizes and encourages community involvement and participation in all of its activities.

These collaborations have resulted in a number of innovative ventures, including:

  • A "mini-grant" program, which awarded grants to community organizations for performing and visual arts activities. 
  • Annual technical assistance workshops for artists which help to advance their knowledge of, and skills in, public art.

"Heritage" by Archie Held

Richmond Civic Center Plaza sculpture: Archie Held "Heritage" Materials: Bronze, Stainless Steel, Water Elements with Granite Quote Ring and Four Benches

Transparent Richmond

Do you want to learn how much trash the City generates in a year? Or how many tons of trash our neighborhood brings to its Neighborhood Dumpster Days? 

Check out the Zero Waste page on Transparent Richmond!

Photos from Past Events and Projects

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